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The people behind the deals

Tarek El Moussa

Founder & CEO

Tarek El Moussa has committed decades to becoming one of the most successful and foremost real estate experts in the world. Tarek is the co-star of the hit TV show “Flip or Flop” and star of “Flipping 101” on HGTV. Tarek’s dedication and passion for real estate has created a large portfolio of single-family properties, a wholesale and fix-and-flip real estate company, and a real estate investing education company. Tarek’s tremendous success and notoriety now allows him to focus on what he sees as his primary mission: helping as many people as possible find success through real estate, which led to the inception of TEM Capital.




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Abby Calabrese

Chief operating officer

Abby Calabrese is the Chief Operating Officer of TEM Capital. She has over a decade worth of experience within financial services, and software startups and also holds a real estate license. In her role, she oversees operations and investor relations for the company. Abby brings an established sales track record along with management skills and a passion for real estate to TEM Capital.




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The Best Team Wins

Siding with Expertise

The real estate investing space is a very competitive industry… Lucky for us, we’re very competitive people. If you want to win, you need the best team; you need a team that your competition wishes they had. Something that isn’t talked about enough that makes us great at what we do is we all eat, breathe, and sleep real estate. We’re obsessed with the constant pursuit of winning the next best deal that is going to produce the best possible returns for our investors.

Our Why

We quit searching for any other activity that we want to do in life. This is what we were meant to do.

Our organization exists to create wealth beyond rational expectations for our partners through real estate investment. We have a passion for creating wins for our partners and making real estate investing easy. Our success is the result of an unrelenting commitment and loyalty to our core values and purpose. Our diversified approach to investing provides our partners the very thing we get most excited about, helping them achieve personal and financial success through real estate.

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