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TEM Capital Overview

TEM Capital is a private real estate investment firm founded by Tarek El Moussa. We help clients achieve superior returns through the acquisition of apartment communities and self storage facilities nationwide.

TEM Capital is financed by accredited investors seeking a combination of passive income, equity growth and tax benefits. We scrupulously analyze prospective opportunities from a select group of operating partners. Our mission is to match the right investor to the right opportunity at the right time.

What am I investing in?

TEM Capital offers investors the opportunity to invest in single asset raises for apartment communities and self storage facilities.  These asset raises can be brand new developments or value add investments to existing developments. 

Can I invest with my self-directed IRA or other retirement account?
Yes! We can process investments through a variety of self-directed retirement accounts.
How will investor reporting work?
Investors will receive access to their investor portal where they can review their investment details and relevant documents at any time.
Depending on the offering, investors can expect to see monthly or quarterly updates.
How does TEM Capital work?
TEM Capital currently offers project specific syndications. Each raise will specify both the asset type and the investment type to ensure you are well informed about the investment you are making. We have plans to continue to expand our offerings in the future.
Who is eligible to invest with TEM Capital?

Currently, our offerings are 506c which require you to be an Accredited Investor. Click here for more information about what it takes to become an Accredited Investor.

What tax documents should I expect to receive?
You will receive a K-1 at the end of each year for each of your investments. You’ll be able to access these documents from our secure investor portal.
Does any depreciation or losses get passed through to the investor?
Yes! We typically perform cost segregation studies on all of our assets, allowing investors to benefit from bonus and accelerated depreciation.

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